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Dining in Bangkok


Dining in Bangkok

With its vibrant and fascinating culture, Bangkok is a city of contrasts. Whether you have arrived in Bangkok with a backpack, briefcase or suitcase, there are many food options to choose from for all budgets. From local street stalls cooking as you wait to high-end restaurants offering skyscraper views of the city, Bangkok is bursting with taste experiences.

There are five main eating districts in Bangkok; Sukhumvit, Thonglor, Central Business District, Riverside and Chinatown.


For the best restaurants in Bangkok, head to the Sukhumvit district where many expensive eateries would not look out of place in New York. At the opposite end of the scale, the street food vendors and stalls are also meant to be the best in Bangkok. Sukhumvit embraces this diverse range of places to eat with overwhelming international choice from Thai, Indian, Italian and French restaurants to well-known American fast food outlets.


Thonglor is regarded as Bangkok’s trendiest and hippest district with glamorous and fashionable restaurants along the tree lined roads. This up and coming area has some of the city’s modern and coolest restaurants with top chefs and chic interiors. There is a cosmopolitan feel to the district with a wide range of international cuisine including Indian and Japanese and more contemporary Thai restaurants.

Central Business District

Silom is an area of highrise skyscrapers and suited business people by day. At night the central business district is transformed into a lively and vibrant place to eat. There is plenty of traditional Thai food on offer from an array of seafood street stalls to Thai restaurants. Surprisingly there is also a mix of Japanese restaurants serving sushi amongst the Thai and Japanese visitors. Sathorn district offers more upmarket roof-top and hotel eateries and restaurants for the high flying business market on an international scale.


There is a more tranquil and spacious feel here compared to the chaotic pace through the streets of other Bangkok districts. Along the riverbank there is a hidden wealth of eating places to discover. There are Thai restaurants jutting out onto the river in traditional wooden buildings and floating restaurants to world-renowned hotels with equally renowned restaurants lining the riverbank.


A Chinese community have settled and lived in this district for many years. Known as Chinatown it is now famous for Chinese food and visitors can get Chinese delicacies from birds nest soup to dim sum. The area specializes in Cantonese style food and serves it in some of the best and most expensive Chinese restaurants in Bangkok. Alongside these restaurants sit the best and cheapest Chinese food stalls in Bangkok, especially at night where the area is brought to life.

Bangkok can more than hold its own when it comes to eating out.Fly to Bangkok for an experience of the world’s finest cuisine with its vast array of international cuisine sitting alongside traditional wooden Thai restaurants and street sellers. Bangkok is a city bursting with culture and charm and has some of the best eating places whether that’s noodles from a street stall or an amazing view from a world renowned restaurant.



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