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Project Sales

An excellent marketing strategy supported by a team of qualified professionals is essential to the success of your residential projects. Jones Lang LaSalle’s team specializes in delivering customized, efficient and comprehensive marketing programmes to help you achieve the highest return on investment and exceed sales schedules.


Development Consultancy

• Prepare a feasibility study, including detailed market analyses, trend forecasts and research

• Advise on specifications, marketing gross area, efficiency ratio and unit mix

• Offer recommendations on positioning, pricing and batching based on prudent analysis.


Marketing and Sales

• Set sales target

• Develop an effective marketing plan and budget to achieve

• Advise on sales offices and show units in terms of location, layout and design

• Work closely with advertising agents to prepare traditional and digital marketing materials

• Supervise the preparation of sales documents

• Liaise with sub-agents, providing correct and consistent instructions

• Recruit and provide training to sales ambassadors stationed in sales offices/show units

• Arrange sales logistics and arrange ample manpower at sales offices.

• Execute the marketing plan, creating innovative gimmicks and sales tactics in response to sales performance.

• Facilitate sales introduced by other agents for the client’s maximum benefits

• Supervise financing arrangement for the buyers

• Handle property transfer

• Evaluate the sales and pricing strategies to achieve targets


Individual Sales, Resale and Leasing

To prevent a conflict of interest with our Residential Project Sales business, Jones Lang LaSalle has a separate team of sales and leasing professionals providing services to individuals looking to buy, sell, lease or let their residential units.


• We help individuals in the residential accommodation search process by offering the best selection of properties for rent and sale and negotiate on their behalf to secure optimal terms.

• We can help individual owners/investors let or resell their residential units, using our comprehensive database of potential tenants and buyers.

• For corporate tenants, we can also provide a full residential service package, including property search, lease negotiation, lease renewal, property handover and handback, lease termination, property maintenance and repairs and deposit recovery.